About us


Concept Contractors, Inc., located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is a full-service general contractor specializing in renovation and restoration of properties within the Hospitality Industry.  We are licensed or registered in states throughout the nation and have extensive experience across the U.S. with all types of hospitality properties including upscale resorts and historical hotels, as well as business lodging.  Clients of CCI include major hotel corporations and private investors representing the majority of hotel brands.Our Work

CCI was founded in 1992 by dedicated individuals experienced in general construction and the hospitality industry.  Since that time we have built a team of knowledgeable, service-oriented professionals and developed relationships with proven tradesmen who understand the special needs of clients and their guests during large-scale renovations.  Maintaining this well-trained and experienced core group enables us to provide consistency in project coordination and product quality as required by hotel brands. 

CCI is proud of its reputation of being a team player.  We work with the owner/agent, project manager and design professionals prior to construction to review the scope of a job in detail and provide our input in order to value-engineer the project and help formulate a budget.  This advanced planning also results in a detailed, line-item proposal, reduces costly change-orders and assists in maintaining the budget.  We schedule job-site meetings with the owner’s representative, property manager and other key parties to clearly communicate what to expect during the renovation.  CCI will coordinate all owner furnished FF&E and construction materials from the manufacturer to the warehouse and assist in product tracking and coordinating deliveries if necessary.  Each job is well-planned with tasks itemized and time projections calculated.   Before construction begins, the job schedule is reviewed and approved by the owner’s representative, and during the job, clients can expect weekly project reports.  Through diligent planning and monitoring of job progress we have earned an excellent record of maintaining timelines and returning the facility to full-service status by the target date.

CCI is unique in that we have several in-house trades.  By operating our own commercial glass and door company, metal shop, millwork fabrication and liquidation facilities, we are able to shorten lead time, control pricing and maintain quality control.